The present reality is in the palm of your hands

Hi, I'm Yogi Vanessa
Teacher of all that is sacred, seeker of truth, a woman unified with the energetics of life and love, using the most powerful healing modalities to uplift myself, clients, friends and my children.  Sacred Synergy Kundalini Yoga™ was created to raise frequency and to live life

within the dimension of the sacred energy ever present as a layer of our lives. 
Specializing in seeing the unseen, helping all do the work to awaken to destiny, purpose, feel energy and see the magic of life.  I love helping people heal themselves through one-on-one mentorship, Sacred Synergy™ group classes, my books, Conscious Conception through hypno-birthing and physical energy healing work.

My journey of remembering began at birth, as my dad would repeat to me that my "soul flew into the birth room parting the curtains as a gust of wind," (even though the window was closed.)  Born on a full moon and gifted with clairsentience; a deep energy ever present in my consciousness, but...  
My life's circumstances of trauma and pain, mountains and valleys all led me to arrive at my exact destiny; the present moment!
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Becoming Goddess


"Becoming Goddess Again"
Living In The Magic Of Life
by Yogi Vanessa

"Kundalini yoga and meditation is designed to break through our psychological blocks.

We gain self confidence, self esteem and feel empowered in who we are truly meant to be."