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Hi, I'm Yogi Vanessa
 I can't wait to meet you because I am dedicated to helping you create a life you LOVE!  I am a student and lover of life.  Somewhere inside I always knew my life experiences held a purpose and I know yours do, too.  

I am a mother of 2 beautiful miracles and 1 angel.  I have lived all over the world and I speak 5 languages. 
I found my singing voice through Kundalini and my freedom through actions and observing stillness.

The tools I share such as self understanding, awareness and raising consciousness through yoga, meditation, energy work, listening to you and walking in your shoes are all ways that have worked for me to create exactly what I always wanted; a life I LOVE!

I've been a seeker of truth since I was born and what a gift it can be for those of us who want to find a guided road map to life that has worked for a real human.

Where we are now feels like we're on the edge of a world that is full of truth and new possibilities to expand our selves, our civilization and all future generations to an elevated, beautiful, and balanced reality. 

Now, after a total of 25 years on the yogic path, I 
specialize in seeing the unseen and the magic of life.  I love helping people heal themselves through one-on-one Spiritual coaching, group classes, my books, group retreats, and Conscious Conception. 

My journey of remembering began at birth, as my dad delivered me and repeated to me,  "your soul flew into the bedroom parting the curtains as a gust of wind," (even though the window was closed.)  Born on a full moon and gifted with the Siddhi of clairsentience and a deep energy that carries my consciousness ever higher and deeper. 
My life's circumstances of trauma and pain, mountains and valleys all led me to arrive at my exact destiny; the present moment!
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1 on 1 Spiritual coaching

Healing Sessions

Prenatal & Birth Prep

Kundalini Yoga and meditation classes


Drop-in to a weekly Class!


Tuesdays, 6pm - Sacred Synergy Kundalini Yoga™

Virtually from Sedona, AZ


First Book

Living In The Magic Of Life
by Yogi Vanessa
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"Becoming Goddess Again"

Becoming Goddess


"Kundalini yoga & meditation is an amazing technology to break through our psychological blocks, patterns and addictions through gaining awareness."

"A session with Yogi Vanessa can change your life, your karma,

and your mind forever; including your future generations."

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