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Yogi Vanessa

My Earth journey this lifetime began magically at birth, not simply because it's a miracle to be born in general, but because an invisible energy flew in parting the curtains like a gust of wind, even though "the window was closed."  This is according to my dad.  I was born in Southern California, on a beautiful full moon and gifted with a psychic sensitivity called clairsentience, which I thought was a curse rather than a gift. 


This 3D world was very confusing for me and I felt too much of everything for most of my early childhood.  My early life was full of trauma and caused me much suffering.  I developed terrible asthma at 3 years young which made me afraid to breathe deeply.  In my teenage years and my younger adult life, I was magnetized to alternative doctors / healers, yoga, and self healing through belief and faith.


When I was 17, yoga was serendipitously introduced to me and provided tools that would set the trajectory of my life.   I began to heal on a very deep level.

I began teaching Power Yoga in 2002, and have taught around the world.  After the birth of my first son in 2013, I was magically led back to Kundalini Yoga as a student. 

In 2015, I began teaching Kundalini yoga because it gave me the experience and feeling I had sought my whole life.  Everything aligned for me as I began teaching, and life truly began to reveal its innate, yet invisible magic to me.

For the last 8 years, all my dreams and desires have come true.  My path has led me to my true destiny and I feel the magic that now flows into everything I do.


To fulfill my destiny, I wrote my first book, in 2019, Living In The Magic Of Life and I started a podcast, Becoming Goddess Again. 

Now in 2023, 

I am starting to see clients for private spiritual coaching sessions.


As my next endeavor, I have been called to create Soul Multi-verse-ity, which will help all humans find their own gifts, create their own dreams, and uplift our true mother, planet Earth towards our true destiny. 


It is said, when we are ready, the TEACHER(S) shall appear and it will be more magical than we can imagine because our best teacher is our own life and our own inner power.  

Welcome and Sat Nam!


New Book

New Podcast
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Becoming Goddess


"Becoming Goddess Again"
Living In THe Magic Of Life
by Yogi Vanessa
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