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My journey began with magic at birth, not simply because it's a miracle to be born, but according to my dad, I flew into the birth room parting the curtains with a gust of wind, even though the window was closed.  Born on the full moon and gifted (after 77 lifetimes) with a psychic ability called clairsentience.  Feeling for most of my life that this gift was a curse, I spent childhood, teenage years and my younger adult life seeking help amongst all the instability of my childhood. 

   Yoga serendipitously appeared on my radar after spending my childhood in the world of dance.  Their old system of critique over art and movement unique to the individual was overly judgmental of the outside image and at 17, I decided to try something new.  My first yoga class was a Kundalini yoga class, but at 17 I was not READY for the mind blowing magic and healing.  

     I decided to try other forms of yoga at Yogaworks.  I took classes with Maty Ezraty, Lisa Walford and Seane Corn in Hatha yoga.


    Quickly, I found Bryan Kest by way of synchronicity on Santa Monica Blvd. who gave Power yoga classes by donation.  I had found my "yoga home" in his class.  I went everyday for years.  I discovered greater self awareness, body/mind connection, and mental clarity.  I began to heal on a deep level.


At 20, I tried Kundalini again, this time with legionaire Gurmukh Kaur Kalsa at her house.  She served vegetarian dinner and tea after class and even though the yoga was quite confronting and challenging, dinner was fun, yet still I needed more life experience and healing.



Those first kundalini classes were healing enough to last me the next 13 years as I continued to seek inner healing through many other modalities over the years, but never for a moment losing the magic.  Reiki, Native American healing, Afro-Cuban healing through curandera and shamanistic methods, aura soma healing and much more.  Read my book to hear the full story.

I began teaching Power Yoga in 2002 in California and then internationally in France.  As I moved back and forth from Santa Monica, CA and New York City to Saint Tropez I would teach yoga on the side of whatever I was doing as my heart truly felt alive when I taught.


After much inner growth and 13+ years of teaching yoga, I began looking for even deeper inspiration in 2015.  I had my first son in 2013, and experienced mild post-partum depression.  For me it was not normal to feel off because I have always been an optimist.  I rediscovered Kundalini as taught by Yogi Bhajan and my soul knew it was time to develop my gifts and begin the rabbit hole of the deepest inner healing.  I immediately began teaching Kundalini yoga in France.  The magic had led me to my purpose.

I rekindled a relationship with legionaire Gurmukh and Gurushabd all these years later becoming certified in Kundalini.  Since this special time, the practice of Kundalini yoga and meditation has opened up a truth within me.  I now understand my psychic and clairsentient ability.  Since I began teaching Kundalini, my true essence has revealed itself and the magic is now flowing every minute.  I embrace my energetic healing powers and in my soul helping others find their own gifts, is a part of my passion.   

Quantum Physics marries with the ancient science of yoga and alternative energetic healing as my Source of perennial education.  I teach my students and clients to see their own magic, a passion for their lives, deep inner healing of their Self and discover their true happiness.


When we are READY, our teacher shall appear and it will be more magical than we can imagine.

Sat Nam!!!

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