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Private Magical Coaching

What are your business goals?  What are your life goals?

What is your timeframe and what steps are you taking to reach these goals?

Work with me to clarify exactly how to reach the elevated lifestyle you have always dreamed about, but realize asking for help is what will get you into motion.  

Are you clear on what your purpose in life is and how to offer your gifts to create a fulfilling business.

We will develop a strategy to align your life choices with your business. 


Wait no longer to accomplish what you truly long for. 

Discover Kundalini

Often called the "yoga of awakening." Kundalini yoga is a Raj (royal) form of yoga that has existed for 10,000+ years.

Considered by people who practice to be a technology for healing the mind, the body, the aura and the soul.

It is the most holistic yoga, including asana, pranayama, mantra, mudra and visualization.

Begin to  peel away the layers of limitation.

Prenatal & Birth Prep

Experience birthing the way you have always dreamed.


Empower yourself to empower your birth.

Whether you birth at home, hospital, car, wood or backyard, prepare yourself and your baby to enter this world in love, not fear.

Utilizing Prenatal Kundalini yoga, alternative cellular healing, quantum mechanics, meditation and hypno-birthing techniques to create your dream birth experience.

Healing Sessions

I was born with a gift that I thought was a curse.  A special psychic ability called clairsentience.  I feel the unseen energy and feelings.  Since a very young age, I felt this energy, but did not understand it fully.  After many years of honing my gift,

I am now able to heal others.

I do this privately using my psychic gift of clairsentience, crystals, affirmations, reiki and intuition. 

Becoming conscious is the way to begin to transform all trauma. 

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What are your life goals? What are your business goals? ​What is your timeframe and what steps are you taking to reach these goals? ​Work with me to clarify exactly ho...
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