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Hi, I'm Yogi Vanessa
I'm a magic teacher and medicine woman working with all the most powerful modalities to uplift myself and my clients.  I teach Kundalini yoga and meditation technology and energy alchemy.  I am an author and speaker.   I specialize in inspiring people to awaken to their destiny and purpose on this planet through transformation.
My journey of remembering began at birth.  My dad always told me that my soul flew into the birth room parting the curtains as a gust of wind, (even though the window was closed.)  I was born on a full moon and gifted with a psychic remembrance, a deep spiritual cognizance and  gift of clairsentience.  
My life's circumstances of trauma and pain, mountains and valleys all led me to arrive at
my exact destiny; the present moment!

Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga
Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga




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Becoming Goddess


"Becoming Goddess Again"
Living In The Magic Of Life
by Yogi Vanessa

"Kundalini yoga and meditation is designed to break through our psychological blocks.

We gain self confidence, self esteem and feel empowered in who we are truly meant to be."