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It's Not A Miracle, It's The Essence Of Nature!

Updated: May 22, 2020

One thing I truly disliked as a child was getting sick and having to stay in bed. I remember laying in bed and thinking thoughts of missing out on life. I felt so yucky, I wrote, "I hate being sick" on my wall next to my bed. I doubt that helped me, but it was my truth.

To heal back into my happy little self any faster, I would have to eat soup. As I reminisce, I can feel how being sick actually scared me on some level. I didn't like not knowing what to do to heal.

Did I somehow learn to be scared? Why didn't my mom or someone ever tell me, "it's great to be sick because it means your body is talking to you...listen!

We're so advanced these days regarding the mind, body, soul connection. I have many friends who've told me of the psycho-somatic relationship for years.

This "lockdown" has brought fear back on some level, especially the whole mask bullshit.

Reading about the "Plandemic" on Facebook, I quickly went through those feelings of catching the "virus." No matter how strong-minded, healthy and healed we are, this whole situation has an affect on us.

Perhaps many of you have felt the same way? Perhaps towards the beginning of this "lockdown" period, I felt many other emotions like, disbelief, frustration, betrayal, sadness, hopelessness, anger, and even hopefulness. And the best emotion became Faith as I got through it all!

Finally I came back to the empowering decision to re-calibrate my mind to a more empowered state of being. By using the technology of Kundalini yoga and meditation, it did what it is designed to do. To bring me back to my Truth!

So, as I sit here to write this, I know one thing has never been more true at this moment, no matter what, I always got well again. This is a universal truth!

Whatever sickness I had over the years, I naturally got better. My body somehow initiated the innate intelligence to re-balance itself back to homeostasis. It is this memory of truth that I am reminded of now and very much enjoy contemplating.

My body has always found a way to return to ease from the dis-ease. Through childhood devastating asthma, chicken pox, bad flu's, and bad colds, the omnipotent Source of Creation gave me a body which has returned to wellness EVERY SINGLE TIME!

What does that say about human bodies; my body, my mind, my soul and all of yours, too?

Does it mean that the human body was designed to adapt and be made stronger no matter what happens?

Does it mean that toxic substances can come near us and still we will find a way to get healthy? Does that then point to Cancer, Alzheimer's, MS and autoimmune diseases are acting like alarms in our world? Does it mean that scientifically, our biology is un-stoppable?

What are these signs telling us to take care of our bodies? We have highly intelligent physical bodies keeping us from eating very bad meat, or sour milk, or car exhaust, or after an accident, think about how our bodies go into shock so that we can tend to taking care of whatever needs attention; yes, these types of signs!

What about the sign deep inside of us asking the question right now, is this Corona virus real?

The Latin root, from 1590, of the word virus means "slime or poison akin to ooze."

Have we been taken down a symbolic road of false narrative around being sick? Even the word "sick" in Latin has no equivalent meaning, but closely related to "seek." Therefore, perhaps we need to wrap or minds around all these symbols; or words. Being taught at a young age that one thing is bad and another thing is good before we can agree or disagree with our all knowing teachers.

In the book, The Fifth Agreement, written by Don Miguel Ruiz, he talks about how we're using symbols to understand feelings and vibrations. A symbol will never explain the infinite feelings we have inside us appropriately. This always leads to people having different perspectives because they interpret the symbols differently.

He continues to discuss who WE gave our power to, to create words, symbols and meanings. We don't know any better when our teacher tells us a virus is bad or don't come to school if you have a fever! Instead of saying to children, if you have a fever it's very good because it means your body is healing itself. It's science!

In your mind, do you feel worse or better when you say to yourself, "I hate being sick?" I certainly didn't feel better after saying it, thinking it nor writing it! All these years later, when I get "sick," I say to myself, "I love you for telling me I need to rest, thank you for the reminder."

I know that my body is sending me signals that are far more important than whatever is going on outside, not my kids, not my husband, not my obligations or even the media. My highly intelligent body is guiding me on my "seeking" search for better health.

Perhaps I need to rest or make soup to balance out all my stress of "go go go, do do do" mentality. Perhaps, I need to listen to the way I'm conversing with myself inside? Perhaps I need to correct that inner voice pushing me to achieve more so society will like me more. Perhaps I need to focus on my breath and maintaining awareness that something more important is going on in MY life.

My life, your life, the only person living inside my body, ME, or inside your body is YOU. Perhaps the me inside of this body is seeking something bigger and in order to find it and become it, I need to slow down long enough to see it? Or perhaps I need to rest during the transformation?

Today we are faced with an invasive ideology that is stopping our world from being what it was, but what if it was not balanced? This ideology that was meant to be scaring us to stay inside, fear people, places and anything that could make us "sick" and maybe die!

Well, how is it possible that we, as a collective society, have forgotten our own innate ability to heal from everything? Are we too afraid to remember that truth? Or have we given our power to the makers of symbols and words, instead of listening to our inner symbols and inner words.

Why are we allowing the government to tell us what to do, to the point that we're not even connected to our inner truth or worse connected physically to our family members? Have we all forgotten the kids song, your elbow is connected to your knee bone, your knee bone is connected to your hip bone, etc? We need connection to heal!

We need our bodies to be put out of balance so they can become stronger upon regaining health. Yes, being sick is never "fun," but it's very different from where we are today with our world on "lockdown." We're now allowing their symbols to frighten us to the point of separation to life itself. We've lived over a million years and will continue to evolve, but this crutch of separation is weakening us.

Realizing this by being forced to stop, look and listen to our bodies and see how we feel when separated from others has given clarity. The truth is before this "plandemic," probably none of us thought we actually wanted to stop playing outside with our friends to rest all day inside. Now two months into this cocoon period, we're able to see what we've all needed to seek and find.

We've all rested so deeply and gone through a collective roller coaster of emotions, primarily fear based, that we can perhaps understand the benefit of taking time to create homeostasis. The old world was stressful, it was killing us and Mother Earth. Perhaps this "plandemic" has been exactly what Nature needed from us so that She could find her own homeostasis?

Our essence is one and the same with the essence of Mother Nature to find balance and be regarded as a miracle. We are apart of Nature, as human beings, therefore, we must remember our miraculous essence to heal, to re-calibrate, to create a thriving existence and to be happy.

Our feeling of being alive is the miracle and when that miracle is forgotten, we need reminders, alarms, red flags, etc. Fear mongering from others is a huge alarm especially when we forget our ability to heal ourselves. We always have a choice to make in life, believe others or believe ourselves.

We obviously needed this time to return to our essence, our truth, our Divinity so that we could all re-emerge into the world as our butterfly selves. So, what colors are you coming out of this cocoon wearing?

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